Sunday, 26 March 2017

What I Wore: Women in Science Panel Talk.

Whistles 'Jessica' Blue Tencel Dress (source)
New Look Black Heeled Sandals
MAC's Russian Red Lipstick (source)
Red Claret Bag by The Leather Satchel Co.

A silk scarf.
Dressing up for a science panel talk is not a typical occasion to dress for. I was on a 'Women in Science' panel a few weeks ago and although it was sunny outside, the venue setting was in a cute and welcoming cafe. I found that opting for comfort rather than style was the primary focus, but luckily I came up with an outfit that was perfect for both criterion!

Comfort, comfort, comfort. If you are going to be sitting down for over an hour with an audience looking at you, someone recording, and multiple photos being taken the last thing you want to see is footage and photos with you leaning to one side, or making grimaced faces because the shoes you wore were too tight but looked amazing or the clothing you chose were digging into your sides. However, at the same time, you do want to look special as all eyes are going to be on you and in some sense you are representing and speaking on behalf of your industry. Therefore, it is best to make the moment count.
I have had my Whistles tencel dress for over 4 years now, and since I can wear it casually, to dinner, out and about, it is pretty much become a timeless piece. A go-to item whenever I want to feel really relaxed but looked put together at the same time. For that reason, it has a very Parisian-woman vibe: clean lines, simplicity, neutral colour palette, and has a sense of effortless grace. Taking this reasoning to the shoes, I opted for these block-heeled black heeled sandals by New Look. I bought these shoes in preparation for interning at a wearable-tech startup in Shoreditch, London two summers ago! New Look has become my favourite shoe brand throughout my University years for their affordability and their longevity from nightclub to interview. Not that I have ever worn the same shoes I would wear to a nightclub to an interview. Lines have to be drawn at some point.

No, these heels are perfect for walking the beautiful streets of London, running through the underground to catch a train (during my London summer internship days), and walking through town to take part in a Science panel - apparently. Heels instantly improve your posture, and although in a panel I was sitting down most of the time, wearing the heels reminded me not to slouch. I think just wearing a great pair of heels make you feel really put together so any bad habits have to be eradicated when wearing them. I can only imagine that wearing an incredibly-fitting suit jacket.

For some reason, my collection or red lipsticks - I say collection, I only have one and multiple shade of burgundy colours haha - was calling my name. I have MAC's Russian Red which I felt looked lovely but looked a bit out of place with everything in my outfit. The bag I chose was an over-shoulder kind by the Leather Satchel Co. for its large size (my one is larger than that in the picture above) and its ease to wear. The colour is more red than burgundy, and suited the red lipstick in a way that made the brightness or otherwise 'loudness' of the lipstick hue to reduce. Therefore, I pulled out another staple in my wardrobe. It is a lovely silk scarf that I bought either from TM. Lewin or Accessories maybe 6 years ago, just before I started Sixth Form. It was a perfect addition, the colour red on the silk is a hue darker than the lipstick and speckle hues of blue complimented the dress.

If I was to be wearing tights, I would have opted for Nubian Skin's dernier tights in their hosiery range. Nubian Skin is an absolute delight of a brand if you are a person with high melanin-content skintone. If only I had these tights when I was in school Sixth Form, or earlier into my University days. No more grey tights, matte black, or ashy-toned legs for me. Certainly I need to buy myself a pair, as currently the weather in the UK is delightful but there is a pesky windchill that catches you off-guard whilst soaking up the sun. 

More photos of me at the 'Women in Science' panel are on my instagram. I may have to use this look again - maybe on holiday!

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  1. I think the feminine dress fits my personality style best. But they’re all lovely. Thanks for featuring the new collocation.Combine with a earring and red a line dress is like your style.

    1. Thank you Laura! I am glad you enjoyed the blogpost. :)