Friday, 5 August 2016

Where Have I Been? | Life Update.

I am going to switch things up.

I was going to answer this question on blog format, but then I thought? Would it not be more exciting to show where I have been in the last month or so by video? My decision, was 'heck yes.'

The flow of work and social life has been an interesting one to stablise since being a PhD student - great because the flexibility in work hours (when I have got my work done and ahead of schedule) means that I can find time to travel to London and experience my other social life in the big city. It can be a bit hectic finding time to go, especially when I get invitations from friends and/or opportunities to attend start-up talks and events. Yet, the allure of London is strong enough to make me wander into the city when I can.

I have met so many fun and new people from July to August just from attending the events and places in London - it is actually incredible the new bonds and connections I have made this month.

As an engineer and engineering researcher, the lifestyle can be here-there-everywhere but there are always beautiful things to see, beautiful places to travel to, and wonderful people to meet along the way.

Watch the video below to see where I have been in London - Google Campus, Entrepreneur First, and the IET to name a few. ;)

Watch the video revealing where I have been in London!
It is quite a techie/engineering/product designer hybrid of events...

Take Courage,


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