Saturday, 13 August 2016

4th of July + US Ambassador + Winfield House.

Whilst I was preparing for my 9 month PhD viva, I gave myself a break for one evening. My friend Marta kindly got me an invitation to attend the 4th of July Party at Winfield House, the last party held at Winfield House by the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom - Matthew Barzum.

It was an incredible evening with much diversity in people, entertainment, and decoration. I even spotted a few celebrities and politicians! Most importantly, I really enjoyed catching-up and spending time with Marta (we have been friends since secondary school - 7 years and counting!) and although our professions are very different, the foundations of our friendship transcends our differences. In fact, our difference actually makes me appreciate our friendship more.

Thanks Marta for the invite! I made a short film of my visit too, which can be viewed HERE.

Lastly, this short film has a cameo to a new video series I have been working on... I made a vlog series on how I prepared for my 9 month PhD viva - from the strategies I used, to the resources that helped me, and how I was able to prepare for my first viva experience in just over a week!
I hope the vlog series will be informative to others in similar situations, just like how I made a similar video series on how I revised for my third year undergraduate Electronics Engineering exams. Until then...

Take Courage,


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