Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Wow this is a special moment.

10,000 views on this region of the internet, how delightful.
Really, excuse the underlying sarcasm, I am exactly really chuffed!

I primarily write for my own enjoyment, and the fact that my writings, musings, film, and photos appear to be of interest of others is a huge compliment. Thanks for stopping by, so often!

This blog is still continuing, as my journey living and career progression through Engineering and Technology is still happening. In fact, I am near my first PhD milestone - the 9 month report!

Circuit prototype - working.
Project presentation - one down, one more to go.
9 month PhD viva - pending.

An extra set of tasks is cleanroom training to be "qualified" to use all the lab machinery in my University Engineering/Computer Science Department.

A lot of exciting things have been happening, and will document, just need to find a calm moment.

Until then....

Take Courage,


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