Saturday, 16 April 2016

YouTube Update: A Month In My Life.

My YouTube Channel has been graced with some new content!

On my blog, I started a blogpost series called 'Engineer/Techie YouTubers - Who Knew?' (blogpost 1, blogpost 2, blogpost 3)as a way to showcase STEM-related YouTube Channels that may have slipped under people's radars. Additionally, although I produce some STEM-related YouTube content I wanted to find out the diversity of STEM-related YouTubers. I have had my channel for over a year now, and I am always experimenting with new filming content and production. My latest filming project reflects a new way of filming production, which is really exciting for me!

I present a filming project which I was working on  - A Month In My Life - which showcases my life in March 2016, documenting my PhD lifestyle, social life, University life, and how I blend of that together. This also features what my life as an Engineering PhD student is like, work I do at my University Radio Station, volunteering, meetings with start-ups Entrepreneur First and FashNerd, and recreational trips to London! Although I write such happenings on my blog, I thought it would be great to create visuals instead this time.

Quite refreshingly, I am actually presenting to camera in this video series and doing a voice-over! A very new thing of me to do, as usually I am behind the camera but I thought, why not switch things up?

A Month in my Life Episode 1

A Month in My Life Episode 2

A Month in My Life Episode 3.1

A Month in My Life Episode 3.2

A Month in My Life Episode 3.3 (Lianne La Havas full gig)

A Month in My Life Episode 4

A Month in My Life Episode 5

I am super proud how the video series came out and want to maintain this new standard of film-making and editing! Also, I changed my filming camera to a Canon Powershot G7X. Music used in the videos are in the YouTube video descriptions, if you like the videos or this blog in general feel free to like the videos and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see how my life changes over the years in this whirlwind of a journey through Engineering, Tech, and life.

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