Saturday, 19 March 2016

March Hotspot 2016: V&A Museum, London.

Around mid-March, I met up with the co-founders of FashNerd for brunch and a chat in the South Kensington, London sunshine. The chilly yet sunny weather made a cup of coffee more appreciated that day. After my meeting, I took a short walk to meet one of my longest friends at The Victoria and Albert Museum to catch-up. A short walk through the Fashion section, we wandered all around the museum until we found ourselves back to the entrance - having received a monthly dosage of art and culture.

I took these photos during the trip and in some way that act as stills for my latest filming project! I am recording a month in my life, as I figured it would be interesting to look back on when I am older. It should be available to view at the end of this month or early April!

Until then, expect more photography blogposts giving you some insight as to what to expect in the videos.

Take Courage,


All these photos have been taken by me, please do not use without permission or accreditation.

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