Monday, 1 February 2016

FashNerd x Olivia Takes Courage: My First Tech Journalism Article!

FashNerd Takes Courage: A Journalism Collaboration!
2016 is going to be an exciting one. I have just published a tech article as a freelance journalist, writing for ! Want to know why I find my PhD so interesting and fulfilling? In my article I share what is currently happening in academia (behind the scenes of many industrial products today) and the potential global applications smart textiles will provide in the future. You can read it here.

In December I was contacted by for an opportunity that I have always wanted to do. You know those big dreams you had when you were younger, but had know idea how they would materialise, but either out of stubbornness or ambition you kept the dream alive?

Being a journalist, or a freelance journalist, is a dream that I did not let die. Time again, when people ask me why I studied MEng Electronic Engineering with Artificial Intelligence (at the time), they found it astonishing when they learnt that I first wanted to study English at University. In my first year of my course, as I locked myself away in my halls of residence frantically scratching my head wondering 'what is Digital Logic all about??' I was still thinking about writing. For 2-3 years I was writing for my University newspaper/magazine, living the dream of doing my engineering work and my writing on the side. Now as a BEng Electronic Engineering graduate, PhD student, that dream has fast-forwarded to this moment. 

FashNerd heard about my interest in journalism (mentioned in this blog), my interest in wearable technology, and my PhD topic related to Smart Textiles. Discussions later, the result is this: my first piece of journalism for FashNerd!

My article was inspired by my research discovery: how Smart Textiles is not as current and brand-new as the public think, but can actually be traced back 30-40 years. I use my Electronic Engineering and PhD knowledge to inform readers how smart textiles can play a key part in our home lives and industries such as Healthcare, Automotive, and Media in the future. Although full of academic and technical rigour, I have written it in such a way that my non-technical friends and family will understand and appreciate the content - and maybe even enjoy reading it!

Dreams do not devalue, they make you richer over time. Having this dream happen made me realise this forsaken idea that creeps into our minds as we grow up: some dreams are more important than others. Ambitions that we have are a reflection of who we are in that moment in time. Some ambitions and dreams morph into new ones, new ambitious and dreams may born, but none die. University has revealed to me some wonderful opportunities, such as radio presenting and co-managing a technical radio team. Exposure to some individuals inspired me to vlog, increase my ability talking to camera. The wealth of knowledge from those skills enrich my being, and enrich my experience living. Present opportunities can be traced back to a single dream. 

Thanks FashNerd for the opportunity. Here is to more articles, fantastic opportunities, and for taking the courage to not let dreams die.

Take Courage,


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