Monday, 18 January 2016

In my Headphones No. 3 | First post of 2016!

2016 is flourishing day by day.
Each morning brings a new excitement, to see who will turn up and what achievements you will make that day. Each evening is a day of reflection, thankful for living that day and learning what you gained from it.

Each day for 2015, I wrote every evening noting down what I was grateful for, what lessons I learnt, and reminiscing. It was a year of growth, opportunity, and achievements 2015. If you are thinking of what to do this year, I certainly recommend doing this. All the little papers you write on can be put inside a glass jar - imagine my evening on 31st December 2015 reading all 365 paper notes! It was a wonderful experience.

With this new year, new music flows through my ears. Although I need to get new headphones - my trusty matte black Urbanears headphones is only working in one ear now... two years and on its last legs - I have still managed to pump some good beats whilst working at my PhD desk.

Onto the third edition of 'In my Headphones'...

Jessie Ware - Jealous (Labrinth and Chaka Khan mash-up, BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)

After listening to this cover, I realised: 1. Jessie Ware has a beautifully subtle tone to her voice 2. I have not seen her perform live yet 3. Chaka Khan and David Forster's song 'Through the Fire' has a great hook. 

Disclosure feat. Sam Smith - Hotline Bling (Drake Cover, BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)

Disclosure and Sam Smith are a winning combination, and hearing their rendition of this popular song actually made me stop working - it is that good.  I even tapped my pen rhythmically on the desk - it is THAT good. 

Jack Garratt - Breathe Life

Currently named the top choice for Sound of 2016, Jack Garratt puts to bed the myth that men cannot multi-task. It is not a surprise to see Jack playing a keyboard with one hand, playing an electronic drum machine with the other, and then ditching both to play electric guitar to play the chorus of a song. I am really excited by this artist - seems great live too. Actually, his rendition of his live songs are arguably better than the studio version - rare thing to admit but, a very big compliment!

Billie Marten - Bird

I heard of Billie Marten last year, and her iconic voice has stuck with me since. She was named in sixth position of the Sound of 2016 list, but I say give her a few more years and she will top it.
She is a teenager, but a voice that holds many more years.

Lola Marsh - You're Mine/ Sirens - A Take Away Show

Came across this lovely video through Tumblr. Makes me think of warmer days; makes me forget that my hands were numb from the cold just a few hours ago.

That is it! Work, work, work. Business, business, business. Previous blogposts of the 'In my Heaphones' series are here (No. 1) and here (No. 2) - note my evolving music taste. My PhD has gotten to a stage where I have to be very selective with what I say about it - I mean, it is the first technology of its kind. Yet, in 2016 I would still like to update my blog with my career and personal progression. So, I will just do that. 

A proper update soon!

My 2016 resolution: Happiness can be felt each day, so feel happy unconditionally.

Take Courage,


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