Sunday, 5 July 2015

My Week before it All Began.

This week has been very eventful. Before I start my summer internship working for a wearable tech start-up, I have been ensuring that I experience my summer freedom to its fullest. With outings, meetups, reunions, and University Open Days, it feels so good to put my feet up with a cuppa in reachable distance. Yes, life is treating me very well:

I got given an acoustic guitar for a free from a guy I met in London who was travelling back to his home country in Norway! I have been teaching myself a classical song from Bach, this process so far has been ... positively progressive.

The second weekend being home with my parents and we took a walk around our neighbourhood. 
It was a really inspiring walk, and the conversations I had with my parents helped me finished my previous blogpost about becoming fearless. It was a beautiful time just before sunset when I took the above photo; it felt good to be home.

I found out good news about my PhD Studentship application! It was accepted, so my PhD in a Wearable Tech related topic is starting in September. What will happen to my integrated Masters in Electronics Engineering with Artificial Intelligence, and whether I will still attain my MEng, is still in talks. The positive thing, is that I am skipping an academic year - which was actually a childhood dream of mine. Yes, you read right. My parents treated me to fish 'n' chips by the sea, with a beautiful view of a sunset with a red sun! In the car backseat, I was flicking through a magazine and I came across - which I think - is my dream home. I am going to keep the magazine, cut out the picture, and put it on my wall.

Days in my parents' home was split by my visit back to my University town for two days. I made it back to my univetrsity town just in time to meet my friend, who graduated two years ago, for a little reunion. After graduating for her Masters in the Environmental Science Department, she returned to her home country in Argentina. We met when I was in my first year of University and we volunteered for an environmental, energy-saving cause at my University. A play of giant Jenga and seeing a Keane gig in London cemented our friendship. It was amazing to see her again. We went out for lunch and took a visit to the MAC makeup counter. We found some really nice lipstick colours, which I think would be great and appropriate for the summer weather. With my meetup finished, I stayed at a friend's house as my new place for my next academic year was not habitable yet... I was volunteering at my University Open Day the following day with my University Radio Station. After a year or so of putting it off, I decided to watch a few episodes of Games of Thrones with my friend to see what the fuss was all about. With a spare room in my friend's 8-bedroom house, I was spoilt for choice for choosing a room to sleep. His place is so modern! I felt slightly envious, but super grateful that I got to experience living in a University house so clean, updated, and smelled like fresh paint. 

After a few hours sleep, a breakfast at Costa Coffee, and a morning workout walking up the hill to campus, myself and my friend helped at our University Open Day. While he worked as a University student ambassador, I was underneath the marquee on our concourse representing Surge Radio, the student Radio station at my University. After helping bringing up the technology equipment we needed and walking up the hill, I felt certain that I burnt off 25% of my breakfast already. We were streaming from the radio office within our Student's Union to outside, playing music with outside speakers, setting up our outside broadcasting (OB) portable unit, and taking music requests with a computer. All of this was set up outside. I saw friends during the day, including my blogger friend Jo who I have known through us being journalists at our University Newspaper, and from a distance I could see some of my Lacrosse teammates attracting prospective students. It felt so rewarding to promote my society, my course, and my University. It was long, hot, and rewarding day.

The day after, I headed up to Bristol with my parents to see my older brother at his student digs. Bristol is a bustling city, with graffiti art that attracts tourists from all over the world. I saw tourists being taken around the city in groups; it reminded me of the graffiti tours you can do around Shoreditch. I was still half-asleep from yesterday's Open Day work, even being in an elevator spooked me a little. The car ride home was enjoyable thanks to the EP my brother lent us. It is by a singer called Lady Nade. Her music is a mix of indie, soul, and jazz. If I was describing her sound, it would be a mix between Kings of Convenience mixed with Sade - which is a huge compliment. You can find her music on Soundcloud.

Today, I went to my local shopping centre and picked up a few items for my summer internship at a wearable tech start-up (which I have mentioned several times in this blog). I got ideas from this helpful video from Intern Magazine, such as taking in my workbag a portable charger. I also bought notepads as I would be taking notes, dates, and perhaps sketching throughout my internship - I like to write as well as typing I updated my makeup for the London summer weather and heat that I will be accustoming myself to. I purchased Double Wear foundation and powder from Estee Lauder, and was given free samples of their cleanser and moisturiser. The woman who did my makeup today, when trialing the double-wear range was incredibly great at selling. I purchased matte lipsticks from MAC, matte so that my lipstick would stay on my lips for the whole day. Lastly for makeup, I restocked on my favourite nude lipstick from the brand No. 7.

With all this, it has been a great week and a bit. Now, onto the next chapter of my life - my London summer internship at a tech start-up!

Take Courage,


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