Thursday, 4 June 2015

Milestone. Learn to be happy, succeed, and make goals courageously.

Issac Tichauer - Changes

It is good to be back writing again. My first love.

I have officially finished my third year at University, which technically means I hold my first degree. How time passes. My first blogpost was when I was a first year of my undergraduate degree, trying to figure out what my purpose is, how to live life courageously but not knowing how to do it, essentially winging life and seeing what results from it.

Two years later, I am a confident young woman who knows what she wants. A young woman who knows what she has achieved, celebrates herself occasionally, lives life less conditionally, and is aware of attributes that need developing in order to grow further. A young woman who does not wear her heart on her sleeve so often as she used to.

My third year of my undergraduate degree has been my best. My absolute, without a shadow of a doubt, best year of my undergraduate degree. I met new people who have become like a second family to me, adding to my close-knit group of friends at University. I completed my third year project that utilised wearable technology, voice recognition, activities of daily living, and smart homes together into one system, and had positive feedback in my project viva. I learnt how to be consistently humble and not to take constructive criticism personally. I strengthened  my heart by not searching for answers but letting life develop the way it needs to, as opposed to how I want. I finally understood what it meant to live life courageously - by following your intuition, making a decision, and following that action with full commitment.

With all these lessons, I had my best undergraduate year. A few things I had accomplished were:
- Getting onto the Second Tier Ladies Lacrosse Team and playing matches.
- Being involved in tech at my University Radio Station, and winning a Best Off- Air award for my tech, short films, and voice-over work from BBC Radio 1.
- Completing my third year project with praise, and changing the opinions of my supervisors who had initial reservations about my topic.
- Being recommended for a PhD.
- Secure a summer internship with Kovert Designs in London.
- Learned to lived simplistically with low materialism.
- Deepened my friendships to an extent that I feel completely myself, I can speak my mind, and feel embarrassed with no fear of being judged.
- That my friends what to emulate my life attitude and behaviour, and have inspired them to live their lives more courageously.
- Featured in an ad campaign showcasing undergraduates, and being able to share my advice and experience to students around the country.

Some of these achievements were planned, for example getting onto my University lacrosse team. The other achievements were unplanned. They came into my life as people wanting me to do a favour, or chatting to a friend innocently who I had not seen in a while, or just saying yes to an amazing opportunity. Some of the big achievements in one's life start as being disguised as very unexpected small things, that just lead into greater things.

We wish to achieve or have lots of things in life because we believe it will make us happy. Is it the achievements and wants, or feeling the emotions associated with those wants and achievements, what really make us happy? If they are the emotions, then are there not unknown ways of delivering the same intensity of the emotions? Could these new discovered alternatives of achieving the same emotion produce a greater intensity of the emotion we want to feel? Imagine that.
In making goals, I have learnt that you should state them,  know why you are making them, and never mind how it happens. Just trust that it will.

With this mind, I end my third year undergraduate year saying thanks; thanks for the highs, lows, certainty and uncertainty. They have led me to wonderful feeling I have right now as a type, feeling well (despite my flu), and have daily surprises since my final exams have finished.

Check out my Instagram @oliviatakescourage, my Tumblr, and my YouTube channel to see what I have been up to since I last typed. Short films are currently being edited so my YouTube channel will be updated - about time, right?

My third year as an undergraduate has truly been a milestone. Cheers to that.

Take Courage,


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