Saturday, 13 June 2015

Le déjeuner du midi française. Life and Careers with a dash of French surroundings.

A University friend who I had known since halls met up for lunch on Friday. I had been meaning to go to a this cute cafe in my University town the first time I laid eyes on it. Alas, for the three years of my undergraduate studies I had not done so. When my friend asked me to pick the place of where we should catch-up, my decision was swift. Boulangerie Victor Hugo.

The entrance to Boulangerie Victor Hugo. 

A sign infront of the entrance doors sets the tone of the cafe.
From a distance, this cafe sticks outs from all the other shops along the street. I could say it was the 'je ne sais quoi' but in fact it was anything but mysterious. BoulangerieVictor Hugo's decor, from its signage, to the quaint cream garden chairs and tables obviously compliments the beauty of France. Walking past it, you have to walk in and take a look.

A ceiling painting close to the entrance doors prepares you
for the wonderful delights of the cafe's interior.

The view of Boulangerie Victor Hugo as you open the entrance doors.
What distinguishes Boulangerie Victor Hugo from other cafes in the UK that I have visited is its strong, authentic aesthetic. From its entrance, to claiming a seat and table, the French inspiration clearly is shown at every angle of the building space.
The calligraphy on the walls adds character, the deep red curtains hanging from the ceiling add the drama and makes you wonder how romantic the place will look at night, and the aroma of the fresh bread and pastries take you to French memories.

Of course, my friend and I came for lunch and to chat. After choosing through the great amount of selection I had a cheese, tomato, and chorizo tartine with some hot chocolate. Partly ordered in French by me. ;)

My main: Cheese, Tomato, and Chorizo tartine.

My beverage/dessert: Hot Chocolate.
My friend ordered a vegetable tartine and a hot chocolate. We both had are tartines heated as it was raining which made outside quite cool in temperature. The taste of my food was fresh, flavourful, and filled me up for the whole day. Even as I type this in the evening I cannot even stomach a biscuit. I was so satisfied.

My friend also enjoyed her tartine and pointed out that our hot chocolate had a hint of vanilla which made such a pleasurable enhancement both in aroma and taste. My catch-up with my friend turned to internships and career choice. She studies an integrated masters in Mathematics, and with such a degree you have a diverse range of industries you could work in. My advice was to shape your internship and career around your hobbies and interests. Your interests and the skills that link them together compliment your traits. When you figure out what they are, it becomes easier to define your purpose and how you will live your purpose through a career or other means.

Although I am an undergraduate, and can easily survive on soup and noodles, dining in fine cafes and restaurants with good company are always appreciated. Boulangerie Victor Hugo was such a delight to visit, where my friend and I were personally welcomed, we received smiles, quick surface, and was treated to French conversation and music. Having an important catch-up with my friend was done so in beautiful surroundings and delicious food.

It made me want to travel to France again.

Take Courage,


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