Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Classic Way to Spend Time.

I am proud of the title about my latest short film.
It could easily pass for a film title, maybe a Western film.
Or even the title of a new book.

Alas, it is for my latest short film - one of my favourite films to edit.

A Classic Way to Spend Time.
My latest short film documents myself and two University friends' visit to Beaulieu. We went to the Beaulieu National Motor Museum, Beaulieu Palace House, and Beaulieu Abbey. For long as I remember, I have had a soft spot for classic cars. My heart thumps a tiny bit harder in my chest whenever I see one on the road, or nonchalantly parked beside a pavement. 

This museum was such a treasure to visit. It great to experience it with people have an interest in classic cars like me. In the thumbnail above, you may recognise that it is from a Rolls Royce. I was practically eye-googling at my camera as I did a close-up on this figure.
Once I decided on the structure of the film recordings, I blended them together in ways that fit in with the background music. No problem, I have developed a comfortableness with this technique. What took the most time was the colouring of the footage. This took me hours. All the colour balancing, brightness, contrast, saturation.... across all individual footage clips. The editing process was long.

Yet, the end result looks so good that all that editing work is unnoticeable and just enhances the quality of the who film. Which, in my mind, means I have done a really good job.

After finishing my third year of University and I being productive as I can, finishing and uploading all the film projects I had put aside as I prioritised my work. I have a few more to upload, but until then, I am really joyous about my latest creation. I hope I produce more short films of this standard.

Music is by St. South - Get Good (Infinitefreefall Remix)

Take courage,


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