Saturday, 31 January 2015

Revising for my University Engineering Exams - Vlog, part 1!


After hours of uploading time onto Youtube, my first video from University Exam Vlog series is now available to view.

I recorded during my spring University exams, where I was examined on Machine Learning, Law for Engineers, and Robotic Systems. Now that I am in Third Year, I have found a revision method that works for me. I thought that making this vlog series would be a fun way to pass the time, but also be a helpful resource for any other students studying an engineering, or computer science degree.

These videos will show how I currently revise, how I overcame doubt in my academic performance that transformed me to become calm and confident during the exam period, and some other fun facts about me along the series. Expect a mention of Bombay Bicycle Club, my love for the show Suits, and a ton of revision notes!

This is completely out of my comfort zone. I did feel a little apprehensive making and uploading this, but this is a strong indicator of growth. The possibility of my exam vlog series reaching so many students and people internationally with the advice that I have, giving a true insight of what studying Engineering can be like at University - my thoughts of goodness triumphed over my own fears.

Taking courage feels as easy or has hard as you perceive it to be. Once I shifted my perspective, I soon became excited to share my videos!

Here is the first video of the series. I will be posting them all on my blog!

        Engineering Exam Vlog part 1 | Machine Learning - before... and after!

Enjoy, I hope they are useful and somewhat entertaining... :)

Music by Ballet School - Cherish, and Cat Eliza T - Humour Me.

Take Courage,


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