Thursday, 1 January 2015

A sense of new lingers. Happy 2015, I come bearing gifts!

Happy 2015 everyone!

My gift to you and myself intertwines my three life's passions - technology, music, and self-expression.

Tonight, I have released my first directed, edited, and produced film for someone else! Film-making not just for the fun of it, not just for the immense joy it gives me, but because someone trusted me to translate their work into video for them.
I worked on this video/film for Cat Eliza T, a folk/alternative musician and singer/songwriter. I directed, filmed, produced, and edited a music video for her song, "Humour Me".

With this, I have a new tab on my blog - for my Youtube Channel!
Yes, I am embarking on my Youtube journey. I heard that quality of life is good in this region of the web, so I am setting up house. Also, it a great way for me to put my video projects, vlogs, and any other content I create for everyone around the world to see.  This is a courageous step for me.
My Youtube Channel name is 'Olivia Takes Courage'.

  Cat Eliza T - Humour Me (Official Music Video).
Watch in 1080p high-definition quality!

From me to you, here is the music video that I created. I have been tinkering with some great video editing software which has taken great patience, but once I started teaching myself and finding tutorials, it need not take me long to understand the environment. The video editing software has expanded my ability in video production, and all my craft and care into the music video really shows I believe. I am truly happy with it.

Here is an extra video I made for Cat Eliza T as promotion before the music video was released.  It is the start of a interview series I am doing on my Youtube Channel. More infomation about this interview series I have created is in the description of the Youtube video.

     Two Questions: Cat Eliza T

Take courage in 2015. Courage can take you to wondrous places, and transform you into the best version of yourself. To "Take Courage" is not just a motto, but an attitude that can be the centre of a lifestyle. Such a lifestyle that can help create the live the best life you can ever have,
My blog 'Olivia Takes Courage', Tumblr, Instagram, and now videos on my Youtube channel aims to communicate the "Take Courage" motto and how you can adopt it into your life.
I will carry this motto and attitude with me through 2015, and looking through this blog, living by this motto has brought me life experiences that I make me feel forever grateful and excited to be alive.

Take Courage,


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