Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Mahogony, the Power of Music, and How to Create your Life at its Best.

Caring for music means sharing music around.

The Mahogany Sessions do so in a very stylised, crafted way, that showcases the talents of the musical artists that perform and the technology team (filming, video editing) that help create the final video.

Since coming across The Mahogony Sessions'  Youtube channel, I have been overcome with joy. Not only is it a great source of relaxation between and after my Machine Learning, Robotics Systems Coursework (which I have been doing well on!) and long hours spent in the lab for my Third Year Project (also going very well - perhaps a blogpost on this soon), but it has made me realise that music is an audio form of art.

I really have a huge respect for people living out their passions and making it into their career. That is how we should create out lives. Doing something that brings us joy, inspires others, and can spur on others to do the same.

Here are a few musicians that I would like to share with you. Prepare to be utterly delighted.
                                          Robyn Sherwell - Islander

                                           Fractures - It's Alright

                                                Seafret - Give Me Something

                                        Osca - Illume

You know when you listen to music completely unknown to you before and you have an epiphany? Almost like an 'ah-ha' moment when you realise that you actually like it? Got that feeling?
I love that feeling. The feeling like you are cusping in your hands something truly special, when you finally see something  that you never knew existed. Somehow, for me, listening to music I have not heard before and finding out that I actually like it makes me wonder how much more of the world there is for me to discover. It hits home that actually, my sense of the world is not as large as it actually can be. If I just reach out a little, be willing to go to new places emotionally, mentally, location-wise, and take courage doing so, then I can find myself discovering new types of people, different experiences, and seeing more of the world that will make me into a more rounded individual. Not that I am not well-rounded as I am right now - it has taken a lot of adolescent drudgery, nurturing my whimsical perspective on the world, curiosity in how things work in the world we live in, and the good/not-so great experiences that I have lived and learnt from that has made me into the type of person that I am proud to be today. Yet, I still and will always strive to be a better person, set higher aspirations, to see different things, to be more compassionate, and more passionate. For this, myself and we have to expand our horizons and share what we have learnt to others who may follow in a path that we have just walked on.

Yes, all that just from a little epiphany whilst listening to music.

Also, very important, watching these videos you might get the impression that they radiate a sense of happiness or effortlessness. That is because they are doing what they love. I have come to realise that whatever I do in terms of career and work, I am taking my passions with me. With these musicians here, whether it is from the award-winners to the busker that makes you stop and listen, they are living their lives with passion. Make sure that you do the same. Even if your passions are so diverse that you feel that there is not a job that exists right now that encapsulate them all - this is your story, your journey. Create the life that you want to live, the type of life that will make you your happiest and best all of the time. This can mean getting a job that uses some of your passions but introducing skills perhaps unrelated to your job and see if it can add to your work quality or proficiency. Or, perhaps you just need to create a new job title for yourself in your own company.

All in all, do what you love just like these musicians here. You deserve the very best, and the best of you is what you decide it to be and you live to accept.

Take Courage,


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