Thursday, 18 December 2014

All laid out - making plans.

SO. I have an exciting few days and weeks ahead of me.
It is winter break right now, and albeit I am revising for my spring exams in January I really like the revision period. In comparison to the start of the year, where you are learning new topics and getting acquainted with new professors, by the end of the course you are aware of everything you have learnt. You take time to reflect over everything, making connections, and organising the information in your mind.

I am revising for my Robotic Systems, Machine Learning, and Law (yes, learning law for Engineers!) exam in the spring.

My revision notes - completed exam papers for Machine Learning and Robotic Systems, and some law study material. 

For a couple of days now I realised that my energy was getting really low. Probably because of all the workload I am yet to complete, and all the assignments I have during this winter break. Fortunately, I came across a great blog made by some student engineers to really motivate me - Engineering the Gap. If you are an engineering student, I really recommend that you read this blog! It is great to see what other engineering students are achieving, study tips, and careers advice.  Reading this blog is just what I needed. It lifted my spirits, and nudged me focus and relax into my revision routine.

I have also had an exciting opportunity fall into my lap. One of my good friends Cat, a musician, has seen a few of my short films and asked me if I wanted to direct a music video for her. I undoubtedly said yes. So, after some thorough revision and starting my assignment, Cat and I headed out from my University town with my camera with aim to find some fields.

Here are some behind-the -scenes pictures that I shot during the filming:

It was a great day, and it is amazing how developing a new skill can lead to fantastic opportunities that you may not have imagined happening! Little did I know when I started making my first short film in the summer that months later I would be directing a film for someone else - let alone a friend!
Keep an eye out on my blog of when the music video is released. In fact, the release of it will also bring a new tab on my navigation bar... ;)

Also, weirdly so, my family and I gave our Christmas presents to each other yesterday! This is a family first. It is the season of giving, and I guess my family wanted to spread the concept of giving across the days we had together. and not just on December 25th. I gave presents from Oliver Bonas, Fred Perry, the T-Shirt Store, and Bath Abbey gift shop (I bought presents from here during the summer).

I received some lovely gifts from my family. Some winter warmer clothing from Germany, and a necklace from one of my favourite brands ever - COS.

Just a thought, when the 25th of December passes, how about asking "What did you give for Christmas?"

'Tis the season of giving after all. Receiving presents is something we should all be truly grateful for, yet giving presents is so wondrous - asking this question may allow you to learn more about the people around you.

Take Courage,


All photos are taken by me and belong to me. Please do not use without my permission.

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