Saturday, 1 November 2014

Youtube videos I have watched, now shared.

1. I have watched personal growth videos since I was in my mid-teens and this video is one of the most gratifying and clarifying I have come across. Try answering the questions, they helped me establish what I want to create with my life and fine-tuned what I want out of my life.

2. Mr Ben Brown's latest Visual Vibes film showcasing his visit to Canada this year. His vlogs and this film he has made and edited has revived by desire to travel to Canada again...

3. Bertie Gilbert's short films are a joy to watch. It is amazing to find out that he has been making films for a year now, but even if this time period seems short his talent for directing shines through each iteration of film he releases on Youtube. I wish him all the best in the future of film making, though I am sure that he does not need it. His films evidences all the success he will have.

4. IAMKARENO's hair looks amazing. Also, I would wear all three, likely without that type of choker.

5. Jessy Lanza performing on KCRW. This was the first video I watched hearing Jessy Lanza's music, and since listening to her 'Pull My Hair Back' album on Youtube I was sold.

6. I have come across FKA Twigs' music very recently, but I saw enough and was impressed enough to quickly snap up a ticket to see her perform live in London next year. I am so excited, I think the gig is going to be very atmospheric. This performance of her rendition of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' serenades the ears - well, for me at least.

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