Saturday, 1 November 2014

"Sounds like a plan." - my 'week and a bit' in pictures.

Life goes on, and life is going really great.
Since the time that I last posted on my blog, I have found out about good news and have been creating good news. I found out that I have been invited back to another interview for a summer internship in London, I have progressed on my dissertation and hardware project, coursework is on track, and I have had a socially active week or so!

Today has been a 'me-time' kind of day; music playing on the radio and on Youtube interchangeably every so hour - because I like the variety of spontaneity and control of listening to music - and doing coursework and studying simultaneously. Of course, this was the perfect day to enlighten you of what I have been getting up to for a week or so - and it has been a lot.

"Control the controllable."
After a couple of months of frequently passing by an old friend of mine on campus. we eventually set a day for us to catch up over some drinks. He and I used to live on the same corridor in halls when were were Freshers (First Year Undergraduate students), and since we both study types of Engineering (he studies Mechanical Engineering) we had an unsaid understanding which I guess made us friends. We had similar experiences of not being able to attend many or stay out late to have nights out unlike our other freshers our corridor. Additionally, since we had 09:00AM lectures almost everyday, unlike other students in our corridor we often saw each other and chatted over breakfast before lectures. We had a well-needed catch up on Monday 27th of October. We ended up talking for three and a half hours which was an absolute joy as we spoke about each others lives, goals, and potential career options. During our conversation, he shared with me a saying that his rugby coach said to him once. The saying was "control the controllable", and I have learned this myself since being at University.
A lesson worth learning and to live by at University and in life.
Like my friend explained, there is no use stressing or worrying what you cannot control but you can control your actions and head-space to achieve what you want to strive towards. After buying each other drinks at the University pub, we spontaneously decided to get a bite of lunch and then I went to my lecture at 17:00. It was a great day.

Third Year Project - working away!
I got my assigned locker and workspace within my department's project laboratory to do work on my third year project. It is perfect as I can visit the area from Monday to Sunday, 08:00 - 23:00, which is really convenient. I have truly come a long way since I started my degree in Electronics Engineering with Artificial Intelligence and I am so happy that I am in third year feeling that I have achieved a lot. I am so excited to complete my third year project and get the hardware and software design done!

Match Set!
Wednesday 29th October I played in my first Lacrosse match as being a part of the second-tier ladies lacrosse University team! On Saturday a few days before I bought myself studded boots in case we played on a grass pitch but as you can see, we were graced with AstroTurf and foggy weather. I am immensely proud of myself that I am on my University's Ladies Lacrosse team. It was a goal that I set myself in the summer and I changed up my fitness routine during the summer to increase my chances. Our first match was an away match, at our opposing team was at the University of Plymouth - a three and a half hour car journey was required to get there! We were playing the top team in the ladies lacrosse team sports league that we are competing in, and this was the first time my fellow ladies lacrosse team members were playing together as an official squad - we had an interesting hour ahead of us. The first half was rough. Our captain and more experienced players in team had to give us a pep-talk to regroup as each quarter of the match finished. I play defense; learning as I went along, and I felt that visualising myself executing the advice that my experienced players gave me before I played again really improved my performance. The second half of our match was much better for us. We were able to communicate more frequently and loudly on the pitch and intimidated our competitors by employing our new defense strategy against their strongest players. Although we did not win (darn!) we learnt a great deal about our strengths, weaknesses, and build up team morale. Lovely.

"Good luck, if you need it."
Thursday 30th of October I visited my Personal Tutor. It is always a pleasure to catch up with him and talk about my progress and plans after graduation. I shared with him my experience at my Summer Internship, my collaboration with Kovert Designs, and the summer internship interview that I am preparing for. After an hour of flowing chat, he welcomed me to visit again or email him (he is such a great Personal Tutor), and in regards to my next summer internship interview he ended our conversation with a smile and said "Good luck, if you need it." This made me smirk; trusty M. Nixon always knows the right thing to say. In the evening I went to my University's Extreme Sports Halloween social, and I went with the Ski and Snowboarding Society dressed up as a vampire. I started the evening joining my other friend getting ready with her fellow Wakeboarding friends. She and her fellow wakeboarders had to dress up as zombies and as a society it was agreed they would dress up as zombie bumble-bees, "Zom-bees". My friend was gutted that she could dressed up as a zombie bride, but came up with an outfit that I am sure that Tim Gunn would approve of.

Shoes of the week, borrowing books, and one room in the Music and Management building on campus.
Friday 31st was Halloween, and was a busy day. I went to a Psychometric test workshop and borrowed a number of books to widen my knowledge about them, I bumped into a friend that I made over the summer and she unexpectedly invited me to a Halloween house party that evening, and I met up with a new coursemate to discuss our Management coursework. This academic year, my Electronics and Computer Science cohort has welcomed a number of exchange students from Brazil. We have also started a non-technical module on Management. In our Management module we have are being exposed to the world of accounting, management, and law in relation to Engineering. I have gotten to know and have befriend one new coursemate and together we visited one of the module coordinators to discuss our first management coursework. Upon entering the module coordinators office I was in awe of his bookshelves and was gripped by the stack of Financial Times papers that he said dated back from the 1980s until present years.

Perfectly sums up my thoughts and overwhelming feeling when I saw the bookshelves
in the Management module coordinator's office.
We discussed the coursework, and my coursemate and I got our questions answered. We also had a interesting three-way conversation about the intersection of Engineering and Business. I believe that one art of engineering is answering open-ended questions through invention and solution-finding and I was happy that the module coordinator and new coursemate shared a similar opinion.

                                       The 'Show Me the Money' art exhibition on campus. Having some me-time.                                           
After a long day on my feet, and photocopying the notes the management coordinator made for my coursemate and I, I went to a place of happy refuge. I decided to chill out inside an art gallery on my University campus. It has free entry, and was the perfect way to treat myself after a week of work. I roamed through the building and bought a magazine called The Wire, mainly because I was attracted to the music CD that came with it. My visit to the art gallery appreciatively filled up time before I met up with another friend for a drink and bite to eat towards the evening. Dinner done, I soon got changed a little, sported a furry hat and went to the house party. The evidence is on my Instagram @oliviatakescourage.

Lovingly eventful my days and weeks have been... - that sounded very Yoda-like!
I am ahead of schedule with my work, working through my assignments, and feel like everything is in perfect order. This is a GOOD feeling.

The next couple of weeks should be fun.  I hope that taking courage wherever I go to and live through will continue to align me with magnificent outcomes and experiences - I have had a great time doing so! Also, I have had a great wonder watching the vlogs by Mr Ben Brown, Steve Booker, and FunForLouis, recently. They were in Canada, just left NYC, and currently in Chicago. There are three of my top destinations to visit so it is fantastic seeing these places explored with high-definition camera quality and fun spirit. I hope to visit these places and make my own film edits of them, these three Youtubers are few of many that inspire me and make me want to become better at filmmaking. I highly recommend you check our their videos, they will inspire you to to live life by creating it.

Take courage,


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