Saturday, 8 November 2014

In my Headphones No. 2

It seems like my last 'In my Headphones' post was quite popular! I realised that since I have been listening to a lot more new music recently it seems fitting that I create another edition of this blogpost and share what songs I have been playing on repeat through my matte black Urbanears headphones.

Bonobo - Emkay
This year I have joined my University's Radio Show's tech team, and within the tech group a few of us have similar music tastes. Among a few of us, we created a Google Document with all the artists that we liked and some songs too. One of the document contributors had artists like Bombay Bicycle Club, Flying Lotus, and this artist called Bonobo. The name 'Bonobo' grabbed my attention first, and when I listened to a few tracks from his The North Borders album I was positively very taken aback. It is instrumental and backed with heavy beats and is very rhythmic. I chose this song because it took me a while to like it, but now I love how it sounds.

   Banks - Warm Water

I came across Banks around the same time that I learnt of FKA Twigs' music,  because Banks was named as one of the promising female music artists of 2014. This track seems quite dark, but it also very sensually delivered. It is like the captivation of how a spider moves. In slow motion, a spider moves very gracefully; but irrespective of their beautiful locomotion spiders can still be hair-raising, goosebumps-worthily... scary.

   Kimbra - Miracle (Live)

Kimbra has been on my radar for a over two years now after I heard her live performance of 'Two Way Street' on Billboard USA. Her latest album The Golden Echo seems to give a nod to Jazz, Funk, Electronica, and nostalgic 90s beats, but overall her music genre is self-entitled, "Kimbra". Her recent performance of her song "90s Music" on David Letterman was fantastic, and gives credit to how great of a vocalist and live performer she is. With that note, her song titled 'Miracle' is a fun, upbeat track when you listen to the studio version, but Kimbra has a way of telling another side of her music when she performs them live. Her live performance of Miracle here is a perfect example of that.

There you go, an insight to my music delights that I hope has enlightened you. Sharing music should be an enjoyable pastime I think, be courageous in sharing what music you listen to as you may be surprised of what conversations and bonding can occur with others from it.

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