Thursday, 23 October 2014

"Think, Plan, Execute."

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Think, Plan, Execute. There has definitely been a lot of this lately.

I started the hardware part of third year project this week! It is such an out of body experience building something with you own hands that you have taken so much time to design, optimise, and plan about.

University has been very eventful. In addition to starting building my third year project, I have been writing my dissertation which has already hit the 5000 word mark since I started in late September (when my max word count is 10,000 by April - wow, I write a lot in a short amount of time!).  I got onto my University's 2nds Lacrosse Team two weeks ago I believe, and this week I got my paperwork finalised to compete in a tournament, I went to the amazing Kinetica Art Fair 2014 in London last weekend, and I even partook in my first tye-dyeing session with my University's art society!

Studying, meeting up with friends, keeping to commitments whilst still having time to myself is something which I feel I have truly mastered. I did extremely well in my first Machine Learning lab report, whilst still finding time to study, and meeting up with friends when I can. The life that I have at University now is completely contrasted to my first year, and I believe that the key to this change is how I decided and learnt how to use my time wisely and smartly.

Once I settle down a bit, I should have more things to share on this blog. I am excited with all the opportunities and happenings that are happening right now, it seems only right to have it documented on here! My blog has reached and superseded 2000 views now which completely incredible - I am so thankful that this blog has helped, taught, and hopefully inspired you by showing what a positive person courageously taking opportunities and growing up can accomplish. More content for the pleasures of original and new readers will be uploaded soon.

Take Courage,


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