Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Oh Geffrye...!

Yesterday, a friend and I headed to London and visited The Geffrye Museum. The Geffrye Museum, of the Home, is located near Hoxton, London, and is a charity that uses its money to provide to the local community.
The museum showcases the history of home interior design through the ages - from 1600s to modern day London.

You may be thinking, why would a (relatively) young person studying Electronics Engineering with Artificial Intelligence have any interest in going to a period home interior design museum?
Well, I have a lot of different interests. Additionally, I like going to museums and I have not visited one in a long time, Furthermore, interior designs of the home has a shallow relation to my third year project so I really was looking forward to getting some research done during my visit.

                 The 20 minute walk from Liverpool Street station to the museum was a straight road but with much to see.                                     
My friend and I arrived at Liverpool street station, Lonodn and walked from there through Shoreditch until we saw the peak of the orange-coloured banner of the Geffrye Museum that swayed lightly beside the London road.
                                               Spotting the Geffrye Museum banner and reading entrance placard.                                             
Entering the gates of the Geffrye Museum mentally took me to a different place. I completely forgot about the busy London road that is in front of entrance gates of the museum grounds. As I entered the gates, my view was greeted with a relaxing sight of trees stretching outwards across the sky above me, soaked with a plethora of green leaves. The leave colours were surprising for how deep we are into the autumnal month of September where I would expect leaves to be a burning burgundy hue by now.
                                          Geffrye Museum grounds.                                     
The grounds were filled with clusters of friends and families having picnics on the grass, a quick chit-chat on the benches, or walking around just enjoying the peacefulness of the scenery.
                                  Highlights inside the Geffrye Museum.                                 
Inside the museum, you walk in a straight direction as you start from the earliest historical period until you reach the period closest to modern day. The period room displays act as pit stops, with furniture and decorations enticing you to detour from the straight path.Writings laced on the walls and small placards beside the furnishings and displays encourage you to learn the stories and histories of the period.

The end of the historical part of the museum was marked by sunlight upon entering the museum cafe and gift shop area outside of the main building. My friend and I headed to the gift shop first, where I was intrigued by the branded and non-branded museum merchandise that the gift shop had on sale.

That being said, I think I was quite bold in the gift shop. On Tumblr two years ago, I came across a photo of friends sitting on a long wooden table having a dinner party. As I clicked on this photo to find the a Tumblr page, I found more photos of the same style, with pictures of beautiful looking food, pictured of styling, a projection of a happy and soulfully rich lifestyle. These photos were from a magazine called Kinfolk.

A/W 2014 Edition of Kinfolk Magazine I bought at Geffrye's Museum Gift Shop. I was the gift shop's first purchaser  of this magazine!                                     
The photos from this magazine has been appearing on my Tumblr newsfeed for two years now, and in the Geffrye bookshop, its magazine was there right in front of me. Still in boxes, with observation that the top boxed looked newly opened, I saw copies of Kinfolk Magazine still in plastic. In a state of wonder and elation, I queried to the cashier the magazine price. She enlightened me that they had only just come into the gift store today and that they were currently not registered on their stock system yet. She asked if I could wait for her manager to give me an official price, with hope that she could sell it to me, and I cheerfully said that I could wait. For a minute or two, we chatted about London, Kent, and Brighton until her manager came and I found out that I could be sold the Kinfolk Magazine! I was the first purchaser of the Kinfolk Magazine at the Geffrye Museum and for some reason I felt like I had achieved something momentous.

                                        A calm setting, industrial lighting, and a refreshing Rhubarb beverage.                                        
After my lovely encounter and trip to the gift shop my friend and I head for a drink and a quick bit to eat at the Museum's cafe, Leafi. It was very chilled, simple, and honestly a delight to experience its atmosphere and sit a while. They pride in using local suppliers, including their drinks and baked goods. I ordered things of the menu I have never had before - my own way of exploring my adventurous side. I ordered a rhubarb soda made by Square Root London, and lunch being an 'Oat, pumpkin seed, and ginger flapjack'. The fact that the flapjack has oats is pretty much anticipated, but beside my slight questioning in the flapjack's name it was delicious. It also had dried fruits like raisins and apricots, which really made me feel satisfied; it was a really nutritious and healthy choice - just how I like my food. I think I also tasted a juice, like orange juice had been incorporated in the flapjack. Whether it was or not, I would either love to get the recipe or recreate this flapjack myself! The Rhubarb soda was a revelation in my opinion, Surprisingly refreshing at first consumption, the lady who served us at the cafe made a fine choice in recommending it to me - thanks!

I am happy that I made the trip, I got little bits of information that I can use as a starting point for further research for parts of my third year project. Tomorrow, I am heading to London again but just for the evening. I am certainly making the most of the time I have left before my University term starts again!

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