Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A compulsive bookhaul.

It was all a blur.

I came off the bus, straight from a day in the office.
To which I add, this is my last working week at my summer internship/placement/job/what-have-you.
I pop into a charity shop here, another charity shop there. My frugal trait, developed since being a student, is now at its highest activity. Somehow, I find myself at a bookshop, one of my favourites thinking I could innocently browse the enticing, entrancing, inviting bookshelves - but I end up compulsively buying two books.
Therefore, this is a haul. A book haul. Of two books. Bought compulsively.

I was a serious bookworm when I was younger, back in the day when you mostly read for leisure and not primarily for literary dissection or knowledge extracting. My current bookshelves are bursting with fiction and non-fiction books and I have read five books so far this summer.

Recently, my friends and I shared the top ten books that impacted us the most. One of my friends had Nineteen Eighty-four as their top choice, so I snapped this book up when I saw it. Maybe I will find out why my friend gave it a top rating.

This book caught my eye because of the title. My adopted motto is 'take courage', so the book title is very apt for that reason, no? When you take the film book covering off it reveals a very handsomly red cloth-material bookcover. The book title is etched in gold on the book spine. Ah, it makes me feel warm just looking at this itsy, proud looking book.

Tonight, it is catching up with the second season of Richard Ayoade as Gadgetman. Season two's first episode had me in stitches. I cannot believe he was on my hometurf (well, give or take). It would be cool to meet him, and to actually see if he is acts like the persona he gives in this television program.
Also, tonight I am doing 30-40 mins of yoga (my summer gym membership has run out so without my weekly gym sessions I have to keep fit! I am going to renew when term starts.) and going out for dinner with friends to eat Thai food.


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