Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Netherlands, step right up!

My life is excitingly unraveling to produce moments like this trip to Hilversum, The Netherlands. Here are some things I saw and did:

My project presentation venue!
Destination: Yes, I gave my technical/business project presentation at The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision at the Hilversum Media Park!
Reels of archives across 5 floors below the entrance level. 
The stain glass windows add a colourful and playful environment to this archival building.
My starter one evening at the Puur Smaeck Restaurant, Hilversum. Top class!

Airplane food, quite good!
A windowseat view, the sunshine splashing on the England meadows. How quaint.
Also, I made a video. It features snippets of me and highlights of my trip. 

A while ago I said that I would make video content for blog. Photography, although I love it, only captures one moment whereas videos reveals more of what you see or what you may have overlooked. Also, video footage of myself and my life at my age is so minimal! I thought I better change that, and I can look back at these videos when I am just about to have a mid-life crisis -  have the strong urge to typically buy myself something ludicrously expensive -  and want to remind myself that I have achieved some profound things when I was younger and have more time to do more.

I think I may make more of these videos. Perhaps will call them my "Pre-Engineer vlog sessions"! I have a few tech events to attend in the incoming months and social events that, in some essence, do reflect what an engineering student gets up to because I am an engineering student (hence 'pre-engineer' ;) )

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