Thursday, 28 August 2014

My TYP you are such a PYT.

My third year of University is beckoning and that means - third year project and dissertation!

I remember when I was applying to Universities and looking at prospectuses, thinking about how third year seemed so far away. Yet, here I am, a month away until my third undergraduate year starts and finalising my preparations. I am currently browsing resources for my semester 1 modules and making sure I have all my electronics and software working for my third year project.

My third year project, my 'TYP', has certainly transformed since being a fresher. When I was in first year, I was really interested in robotic limbs not only because of its fascinating locomotion but also how it relies on 'electrical' signals from the brain and how amazing that actuality is. Additionally, months before I came across AI I wanted to go into Neuroscience, so a project on a robotic arm would use my neuroscience interest with the AI and electronics skills gained in my degree.

Now, older and more knowledgeable about the engineering field, I know that there are many more areas of engineering that I can research whilst also doing something innovative. My neuroscience interest was attended to when I did a Neuroscience module in the second semester of my second year of University. Doing that module reminded me that Neuroscience is an interesting field to research and work in but I would not go into the profession. I am more AI and Electronics inclined now.

What I am doing for my third year project, I am not allowed to disclose - or I do not think I am allowed to. Though, for all you students out there who wonder what an electronics engineering or AI degree can allow you to do, I can help you out a bit. Here are some pictures of my third year project preparation:

Might as well make my Raspberry Pi look gooood. 
Almost done... one of the layers came  misshaped so it had to be excluded. Yet, it still looks decent.
The completed construction (minus an ill-fitting layer. Hey, it works without it.)
What I am doing is...quite new. So new, that are hardly any books in my University Library that can help me - or there are all out of date. I have to scourer through lots of academic journal databases to get the majority of my external research. So, 'cutting edge stuff'. What I can say, is that speaking will be involved, internet of things (IoT) will be included, and the Raspberry Pi acts as the 'brain' of my hardware project.

Here are some videos highlighting some areas my third year project will cover:

    'FW:Thinking - What is the Internet of Things?'

                                             'FW:Thinking - When is Artificial Intelligence no longer Artificial?'

    The Creators Project - Make it Wearable, daily life.

Tip: if you are having trouble writing to your Raspberry Pi SD Card, check out this video. Who knew that a little bit of tape could be so helpful?

To utilise my time I have even taken my Raspberry Pi work to the pub for a change of scene. Laptop, Raspberry Pi, cables spread across the table. It is not a sight pub go-ers usually see.

I am aiming to make the objectives of my third year project achievable, feasible enough to get it completed, and ambitious enough to be impressed by it. By keeping it simple in the beginning stages you can be in control, when (optimistically said) I have spare time near to my deadline I can add extra parts to make it really fancy.

Good luck to those attending University this year. Take courage in equal quantity to the mountain of suitcases that  you are bringing to campus.


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