Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Life is a treat.

Hiatus galore.

Hey strangers, it has been a wee while. I have not got married and had two kids since my last post, so really I have no apt reason for my lack of content.

It is just life has been treating me so well and I have been caught up in the rapture that I -
have just been forgetting to write about it.

Sacrilege! I hear you cry.

To achieve some appeasement, usually done with a box of chocolates and handful roses by a guilty second-half, I will share something dear to me.

Frequent readers of my blog will know how much I adore the one-man band Canadian music artist Mesita.

He recently released a song from his latest EP 'Infinity Sky Deluxe' and of course it sounds amazing. I applaud his music mastery.

Here you go, take the box of chocolates and roses. I have some content that is worth the wait and will be typed up soon. Courage has been taken and the rewards have been delectable.

                                                              Mesita - Phoenix Deluxe

Take courage,


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