Thursday, 21 August 2014

In my Headphones No 1.


Summer job/placement/what-I-thought-was-a-summer-internship-but suprisingly-is-not workload has stepped up a gear. Learning PHP and becoming familiar with Bootstrap has had me scratching my head in puzzlement for the past few days.

Content on my suprise business trip to The Netherlands will be up soon, but until then I refuse to leave my blog AKA 'viral diary' to accumulate with dust and attention.

Thus, I am going to share what music I have been filling my head with for this week.

                                                                Lykke Li - Gunshot

Lykke Li has come a long way since her song 'Little Bit' was released. It still classically has her playful, expansively experimental, edgy sound but with evidence of growth and powerful development of her musical direction. Slightly looking like a haunting samarai in daylight in this music video, her appearance may scare but her music certainly will not.

                                                                Alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine

So, I feel slightly embarrased that I found out Alt-J are British a few days ago. I watched a set of theirs on KEXP's youtube channel, heard their familiar British accents, and almost leapt out of my seat in disbelief! I have their song Fitzpleasure on my Tumblr's playlist and I just assumed they were American, likely because their sound is dissimliar to any group I have heard of in the UK right now. With this song, firstly the video icon above caught my eye. Then I watched the stunningly haunting video and the fantastic song to suit. I listened to this song at least five times on repeat after my first listen.

                                                       METRIC - Synthetica (acoustic)

METRIC is likely my favourite Canadian band. I missed the chance to see them live in England a few years ago, hopefully they will come back!

                                                        Oh Land - Wolf & I //acoustic

This Danish singer came on my Youtube feed and I am glad I took a listen. Oh Land sounds great live when she performs this song. Apparently she used to dance before taking singing as a profession.

                                 Oh Land - Lean (Orchestal Version with String Quartet)

I have heard the studio version of this song but when I first listened to this video my ears became instantly smitten.

                                                     Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments

Jessie Ware's album Devotion released in 2012 is full of character and feelings of being forlorn. It is really soulful, I certainly detect Sade influences when I listened to Jessie's Devotion album. I cannot believe I have only just heard of Jessie Ware! Fortunately my life has been enriched by her voice, you almost wish you could sink into it.

                                                 Jessie Ware - What I Won't Do For Love

Well, this satisfies my taste for jazz. Jessie charms even more when she sings with an accompanying acoustic guitar. Whoever she is singing about, shame.on you for leaving in the first place haha! Yet, the feelings resulting from this person's departure contributed to this wonderful track. Hmph. So, I am glad the song exists despite its circumstances.

                                                                    ALPINE - Villages

I just like this song. Listen to it and see what I mean. Point of note: to say it is quirky is an understatement.

Music is one of my three loves in life so it is such a joy for me discovering new music artists and listening to them. I am going to another gig soon - I am seeing Bombay Bicycle Club live in December. I am super excited, when I confirmed my ticket I was bouncing around like a pea on a beaten drum.

Right, back to The Netherlands content and other blog content. Have a good week!

Take Courage,


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