Thursday, 12 June 2014

Going the distance in Shoreditch.

Yesterday was one of the most interesting and wonderfully wacky days of my life. Who knew what sending an email enthusiasm and intrigue would lead to a day like this? 

It was an early start to the day for me. I woke up at 04:45AM as I could not sleep any longer, possibly due to heat and excitement, and I caught the 07:08AM train to head to Shoreditch from my University town. I treated myself by purchasing my favourite magazine to read, Wired, and a hot chocolate and I was later treated to good company, tea, and a fluffy croissant at Shoreditch House. In awe of the juxtaposition of my company and I's technical/business conversation with our industrially vintage decor surroundings and the pool in the background, I could not believe that life could be so surreal. A short walk out of the kovertly hidden Shoreditch House where you are enclosed by bold and colourful graffiti art led to my next destination, the Black & White building. Let the dark walls not fool you, it may look foreboding but its mysterious exterior acts as a tough shell to the beautiful and almost playful modern interiors. After meeting more amiable people and making plans, I left the Black & White building feeling like I had been warmly welcomed to Shoreditch and I felt really excited for what opportunities could arise from this day. 

I then anticipated a two hour thirty minute train ride back to my University town, but before that I decided to put my Nikon camera to good use by blindingly going exploring, and enjoying the process of finding my way back to Shoreditch Highstreet Station. During my time of being happily lost, I visited a vintage store where I found some lovely trousers but they were too big, and I took a tour of Boxpark. At Boxpark I bought what I dubbed the 'Shoredtich Salad' which was packed with fresh vegetables, beans, and delicious falafel pieces.

As I found the station, I got stopped by this guy passing out leaflets for the charity he represented. We chatted for a while, and it was very pleasant. Funnily he queried by ethnic background (which sometimes happens haha), and his eyes lit up in surprise when I told him what I studied at University (almost always happens haha!). After our conversation, he gave me a really sweet compliment which ended my visit to Shoreditch on a high note.

Inspiring places, friendly people, good vibe. I shall have to wander and get lost within Shoreditch again in the future.

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