Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A complimentary pairing.

My latest jewellery DIY piece.
It is a pair of bracelets with same layout but inverted pattern of colours. It features pyramid-shaped beads in pearl and anodised metal effect (which match my earrings), with oriental-inspired etched rings.

To think, this hobby of mine started with going to my local craft shop a few months ago to buy a needle and some thread to stitch a button back onto my vintage coat. Now, this is no wearable tech but I am studying a technical degree and these accessories are wearable so I am not too far off (!)

Anyway, I had fun making these bracelets and I feel like my artistic eye is getting better with each jewellery piece that I make. Making bracelets in this way was a bold step for me, and after multiple trial and error attempts I finally found an optimised technique in using my pieces, or 'craft ingredients' together to give the finished version which you now see. Seriously, my first version looked nothing like this - nor would it even fit on my wrist.

Technique is a virtue. Practice makes progress.

I am sure that these growing skills can translate into my electronics somehow.

I am currently at home for a fortnight before my summer internship starts. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that I got a summer internship? I am super excited. Coding in a team for a interesting AI project is going to be like a sweet taste of honey.

All photos taken by me.

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