Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The art of solitude is not lost.

For the first time in a long time I am in my parents' house alone. I have had the house to look after for a couple of days, with only myself for company. Though, I have not felt lonely. More so, it has given me a chance to reflect. To be only be with the noises produced by my own activities and movements, it has renewed my sense of self-awareness. I felt like my mind could ease into a deep stretch. Space was made for creativity; space was made for peace.

The chance to unwind increased my boost in productivity. I have steam-rolled into my electromagnetism and computer architecture revision in the form of mind-maps, and doing outside researching into my topics' history to really appreciate what I am learning.

All this time to myself has made me take notice in the unnoticeable too. The photos that I took above (minus my mindmap at the bottom) are sights that I see everyday around the house, but it is only since being alone that I actually observed them. I guess there is a difference between the act of seeing and observing, as Arthur Conan Doyle stated. To observe is the active act worth exercising to be mindful of your environment, whilst seeing passively lets life glass before you. The art of solitude has made me realise that.

                                                                   Mesita - Lone Wolf

All photos by me, other media have been referenced.

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