Monday, 24 March 2014

What we do for our friends.

Ah, a change of scene. Travelling around my University town for its little hot spots here and there can be fun, but venturing out to a nearby town keeps things exciting. I happened to find myself a pretty little town, where my University has another campus. Yesterday, a friend and I made the short yesterday to eventually see my other friend perform in a Jazz choir. A nice situation to be in!

Nikon in hand, I selectively snapped away to document my afternoon and evening.

April showers was beckoning, with the almost violent substitute of hail instead of rain as it alternated with the warm spring sunshine. Whilst the weather was making up its mind between committing to the hail or the sunshine, my friend and I took some timeout to sit and chat inside. We sat in a pub that many of the students reside to (according to my friend), where we treated ourselves to some drinks. Hot chocolate seemed like the perfect choice. Yes, hot chocolate in a pub!

To for a dinner treat, my friend (with her know-how around the city) suggested the Dim T restaurant. It specialises in Dim Sum, which I had not eaten since Chinese New Year last year when a friend and I went to China Town in London.

Though, I found myself having Vegetable Katsu - something that I had not tried before. I was sweating about the spicy Java curry sauce since I cannot handle spice at all but the waiter assured me that it was very subtle.

My pot of Oolong tea. It is stronger than green tea, and I have been wanting to drink it for a while now. It tasted pleasantly fruity.

Vegetable Katsu.

Java Curry Sauce and brown rice. I survived the spice.

Edamame beans with sea salt shavings. 
 Tradition as it seemed, the oriental delight ended with a fortune cookie. The last time I had a fortune cookie there was no fortune inside. I was pretty spooked by the experience, until one of my friends suggested that it meant that 'life is what you make it'. So, I guess that experience was a blessing in disguise. Still, I was very hesitant to open it.

When I mustered up the courage and let go of any doubt, I took out the fortune. Scrolled up in the cookie my fortune read, 

My fortune and my lucky numbers.

That gave me something to smile about. Thanks. :)

The fortune cookie in an unusual shape...?
I have never seen a fortune cookie of this shape. Or even with black sesame seeds inside. It was darn delicious too.

A short walk from the restaurant and after buying our £5 student ticket the lights soon went down to commence the event. I remember seeing my friend, who was performing, call my name from one of these balconies and wave enthusiastically at me as I sat below in front of the stage. She said that she would be standing at the back, so I probably would not see her (and she was right haha), but we would talk after the performances.

This choir is one of my University choirs, and it was my first time them perform. It was such a treat, and definitely recommend seeing performing art societies live whilst still in University. The fact that we traveled to a beautiful city just topped the great night off.

My friend and I got to chat, very excitedly I add, with all the adrenaline of the whole evening. The choir sounded amazing, with song covers ranging from Lorde to Stevie Wonder.

I really like making the effort for my friends. Whether it may be travelling to see them, being moral support, or even meeting up for a catch-up chat, showing them that you are present in their lives. It makes me happy to do things like this; friendships always grow and it is important to nurture them.

Now, I have just one more week until Spring break. One more electronics lab for the semester.
Am I excited?
Need you ask?

All photos by me.

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