Saturday, 22 March 2014

Time never stays still...

..despite this blog for a few weeks.

I have been super busy, dare I say head-spinning busy. My electronics and neuroscience project exhibitions were yesterday and they went well! Technical difficulties arose in our electronics prototype demonstration, and in my neuroscience demonstration I was asked what percentage of autistics are non-verbal (which caught me off guard) but all in all the day was rewarding.

In the productive lead to Exhibition day I took some necessary days of relaxation to balance out the towering workload. Fortunately, my organisation skills made it so much easier to balance two assessed projects at the same time. With a 3000 word electronics report, prototype building, software design, poster making, short dissertation, and leaflet design, across the two projects.

So, from left to right and top to bottom this is what I have been up to! In matrix notation. ;)

[1][1] A pluck of a dandelion outside my student house. A handheld wish.
[1][2] Breakfast with some friends in one of my favourite cafes.
[1][3] To end our last team meeting, my electronics team and I stepped out onto our Department's roof garden. This is the view when you look up to the sky.

[2][1] The arrival of my massive A0 poster I created for my Neuroscience project exhibition.
[2][2] The start of my second DIY Jewellery attempt for my Mother's day gift.
[2][3] The local guildhall venue when I went to see Franz Ferdinand after lecturers!

[3][1] Eagulls, Franz Ferdinand's opening act. Originally from Leeds, Eagulls' echoic vocals and Britannia punk sound set the lively atmosphere.
[3][2] Franz Ferdinand. They were very impressive.
[3][3] The view from my stand at the Neuroscience Project exhibition. It was early in the day and here we were setting everything up for our assessment.

Next week marks the end of my second semester, then spring break begins! Revision, past exam papers, London visits, and hopefully a trip to abroad are on the cards!

All photos by me.

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