Monday, 31 March 2014

Spring Forward.

Steve Madden J-Flash lace-up flatform shoes.

Thank you Steve Madden, you are a star.

I fancied being a bold when I bought these shoes at Christmas. These were the first time I had ever bought shoes online, and the first time I have ever bought the same shoe in two different colours. Yes, I was that excited by these shoes.

The silver edition has a textured surface. 

The black edition has a leather-like surface with a reflective shoe tip. 

By height standards, I am no Giselle. So, I guess I can afford some extra lift towards the clouds so to speak. Perhaps the sky is purer when a few inches taller. (A musical interlude whilst you ponder on that thought).

These types are shoes are called 'flatforms', the sibling of the platform heel. Or maybe a cousin? Who knows, there are certainly related. They were very popular in the 90's, (pause for a sweet moment of nostalgia) and similar to creepers. For readers with a like for history, check out Refinery29's article on how the platform shoe became a fashion statement through the ages.

Wearing these flatform shoes are such a joy: they add extra height, yet very comfortable and practical in the sense that because the sole is relatively flat you can walk long distance easily. You do not strain your legs or foot muscles when you walk in them for a long time. Which often cannot be said when wearing platform heels or wedges. Those who have worn heeled boots and walked in them for hours on end, sit down for a little while, and eventually feel like you cannot bear the thought of walking anymore because of the pain -  you know exactly what I mean.

Though, this is a big style leap for me. Not only because it is this the first shoe of its kind in my wardrobe, but also I was lost in how to style them with pieces I already own.

How do you style flatform/platform shoes seamlessly into your wardrobe?

These platform skate shoes by CĂ©line are so... rad.
petroleum/oil slick effect makes such an interesting look.
I thought the black flatforms would be the easiest: since the base of the shoe and the sole were the dark, pairing them with black tights would create the illusion of longer legs, for example. The silver flatform with the white sole would prove to be a different case. I think they would have to be the statement piece of an outfit.

Thinking of combinations, I searched the internet for inspiration. Points of view from some style bloggers showed how flatforms can be worn for different occasions and seasons.

Three looks from Ida:

Image from here.
Image from here.
Image from here.
Image from here.
Amanda Brohman:
Image from here.
Image from here.
Image from here.
After researching on how others have styled flatforms they soon seemed more approachable and easier to style. Wearing the black flatforms around campus - come rain or shine - have been a treat. The silver ones will only be worn in the 'shine'. I mean, it has a white sole. Any mark would take a lot of scrubbing...

Take Courage,


All photos taken by me unless referenced. 

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