Wednesday, 5 March 2014

On track.

"We all have been doing it wrong!"
I jumped over a massive hurdle in my team electronics project today. Earlier today, I could not output any sound from my arduino board, which is absolute blasphemy since our project objective is to create a one-man band electronic device.

Fortunately, the electronic greats answered my wishes and with some research on arduino libraries, scratching of my head, and an 'ah-ha' moment I got it working.

Note-to-self: to output sound, when the instruction refers to a pin number on an arduino, pick the PWM pins and not the Analogue I/O pins.

Simple things like that can really stunt your progress, but everything is becoming much easier as the project progresses.

Now, onto making the GY-521 working with the arduino.
Onwards and upwards...

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