Thursday, 6 March 2014


Perhaps this blog title was inspired by the television series Suits, but the binding of our electronic subsystems is going well. Communication is working between sound system, screen/game system, and as of 17:30 this evening the GY-521 too.

Work started at 09:00 and we stayed like hermits in the Electronics lab. I managed to take a few pictures:

Hardware programming In C, here some interrupts are being enabled to detect signals from our device buttons.
AVR handbook and two subsections of our overall one-man band electronics system. It may look haphazard now, but soon the aesethetic casing will make it look good.
GY-521 (bottom left), PCB board (top left) and screen (right).
We only have a few more days to finish building and we will make it happen!

All photos by me.

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