Sunday, 2 February 2014

Winner Winner.

Last night, my friend and I checked out a new burger restaurant in our University town. It was a great night out, it was well worth the wait - to which was an hour long upon arrival since the restaurant was absolutely packed. The very accommodating staff put our names on a waiting list and said there would be seats for us in an hours time, so my friend and I went to the pub opposite the restaurant ans had a good catch-up chat.

When I got the phone call that our seats were ready, we got seated down in this very special burger joint. You cannot deny how atmospheric it is; the vibe was set with music such as Kings of Leon and Family Rain, and the clattering of pots, plates, and roar of the oven in the kitchen towards the back of the restaurant. The exposed brick walls, and chalk board wall, was very in-trend with the industrial interior design decor. It was sort of having a little bit of London, in this town by the docks.

Winner Winner is the name of the burger that my friend and I had, which we accompanied with seasoned fries, and drinks. The quality of the main meal was good, it tasted very fresh and wholesome and the bread of the burger was very plush - the texture reminded me of brioche but it was not sweet in taste. Yet, I questioned what seasoning was used on the fries because I could not see or taste any. I was anticipating these crispy, thin fries to be complimented with the taste of some spices like paprika or maybe the fries would be topped with fresh herbs like rosemary or parsley. I think the fries missed the mark in this case, though the generosity of the sides with value of the price was very good. We shared the fries between us and there was enough condiments on the table for my friend and I to adapt the fries to our own tastes.

Additionally, I was quite underwhelmed by the ice-cream desserts. The two that my friend and I both shared were the banoffee ice-cream and an espresso based ice-cream. The banoffee ice-cream was actually vanilla ice-cream scoops with sliced banana, sprinkled with digestive biscuits and drizzled in caramel sauce. If this gets your appetite going, I would not blame you because this deconstructed banoffee dessert sound great on paper but I felt the taste of it was nothing new. I just felt they could have been a bit more imaginative with developing this concept.

On the other hand, the espresso-based ice-cream was presented in a very interesting and imaginative way - in a martini glass. Filled with warm espresso, and scoop of ice-cream floats on the surface and is topped with chocolate pieces. Again, great concept, though the martini glass made me a little confused. I think if you are a lover of coffee then you would love how earthy and authentic it tastes but it may be too bitter if you usually have a hot chocolate, tea, or mocha, when you go to a cafe - 'comme moi'.

All in all, I give the restaurant 3.5/5. The positives were the wholesome and fresh taste of the burger, the chilled vibe, captivating interior, and also the fact that we got some of our bill deducted because we had to change tables part-way through our meal. It was very popular, so some musical chairs action had to be done to accommodate new diners. The staff are very personable, and I was very impressed by the high degree of customer service. The negatives were the desserts that I tried, I thought they needed to be re-thought and perhaps developed more in terms of flavour and presentation.

I will definitely recommend it, when I do, I am going to try completely different food from the menu, just to surprise my taste buds. Also, next time I shall definitely reserve a table! I think this restaurant is going to go from strength to strength.

All photos taken by me.

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