Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wearable Technology - The Next Big Thing?

Not wearable technology like headphones and portable mp3 and cassette players - or even the 80's boom box if that even classifies of wearable. With a lug over the shoulder, some tried to make a boom box wearable.

No, I am talking about this kind.

Wearable technology has interested me for a while now. In terms of AI, this is going to be huge and will need a lot of AI to make this functional and a joy to use - in my opinion.

In terms of hardware, electronics in form of headsets are getting attention as suggested in BBC Click:

Also, there is development into electronics embedded into fabric -  which I personally used to think was 'a bit out there' colloquially speaking. Yet, smart fabrics which are essentially conductive fabric or fabric sprayed with conductive ink, is growing on me...

This topic of wearable technology are getting more exposure on television programmes, the Internet, and magazines such as Wired who dedicated a big feature on it last year. Wired in fact showcase mixed views about this new wave of technology: for and against.

Wearable technology has been given a re-vamp, a new and exciting dimension that completely washes out things like headphones, portable mp3, and cassette players to the technological tide. They are now out of fashion.

As we are given technologies such as Google Glasses, Smart watches, and Intelligent sports gear how will we incorporate it into our everyday lives? Where will this leave fashion brands like Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and Gucci? Will this wearable technology revolution be picked up by these brands somehow?

Will wearable technology be a fad?

I do not think so, I foresee a huge market in this realm of technology and the Artificial Intelligence that will be part of the software to make the products consumer ready.

What is amazing is that my degree is perfect for this growth in technology!

Either way, I want to go to this wearable technology fashion show. Someone get me an early bird ticket ASAP.

Also, I would never turn down a London Fashion Week ticket, you can never turn your back on the traditional arts.

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