Thursday, 20 February 2014

New module, new face.


Since taking my optional module in Neurology I have met new people and learnt new names. The first person I sat next to in my first lecture for this optional module has actually become someone who I get along quite well with. So well, that we actually watched a film and went out for a bite to eat.

Whilst conversation swayed from travelling, relationships, foodie-antics, and housing - yes, a full spectrum - it turned out that we have some things in common. Which is always a good thing!

She paid the larger percentage of the movie tickets (we watched Monuments Men, and it was such an entertaining film), and I paid the larger percentage of the restaurant bill. Democracy.

Optional modules, when they are outside of your department, has its perks. Not only do you experience different teaching styles, and new content, you can get re-acquainted with old friends and potentially make new ones.

This was a nice evening out, and I have the announcement of my Second Year electronics project tomorrow morning! It is time to find out what it is all about...

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