Sunday, 2 February 2014

My New Specs: Persol Reflex Edition, Optical Glasses Review.

So, I got new glasses.

I must admit, when I first tried them on they made me look so different that I did not recognise myself.

Though, as I looked at myself a little bit longer they really grew on me.

These glasses are from the brand Persol, and these optical glasses in particular are from their Reflex Edition.

Incredibly feathery light, you almost forget that you are wearing these glasses as it sits on the bridge of your nose. The almost aviator-shaped frames opens up your face and makes your eyes more visible from a distance, which is often not the case when you wear glasses with medium to thick frame rim. From a visual standpoint these optical glasses from Persol are aesthetically attractive, and their delicacy adds to their character and unexpected charm.

I always like an interesting story that forms the background behind a design and Persol's inspiration for this collection does not disappoint. Persol's Reflex Edition optical glasses are design is based on vintage analogue cameras, whilst still incorporating contemporary and modern notes for the today's man and woman's tastes.

The gold bridge, known as the acetate, is said to 'mimic the front of old analogue cameras'.
Persol's iconic silver arrow, extended from the temples and seen on the sides of the frames in all its glory, compliments the silver tones of the glasses frames.

The dangerously thin gold temples that fold so seamlessly together add to the delicacy of the optical glasses. It is so different to anything I have worn before, I really recommend this eyewear brand.

It sort of reminds me of another eyewear brand Oliver Peoples, the same sort of aesthetic point of view perhaps.

Sometimes, I pick it up and it feels so precious as if it is artwork that you should not touch. Overall, I these specs certainly impressionistic and a pleasure to wear.

All photos taken by me.

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