Wednesday, 26 February 2014

'D' for Design not for Doom

The brainstorming stage
The leap of faith. GY-521.

So it begins. My second year group electronics project. In my course, the projects are titled with a 'D' followed by a number. Though, this one is quite special. This can make a third year or fourth year electronics student in my department quiver with fear, beam with joy, or grit their teeth with annoyance just by uttering the project's name.

I think it is the scale of it and the length of time. Imagine squeezing an elephant into jewellery box.

Essentially, we have to build a working prototype of a system that can when used can allow you to be a one-man band. Yet, not the  kinds with levers, harmonicas, a ukele, and a surprised trumpet. Not Mr Gadget. 

Think 'One-Man Band circa 2075'. Music devices of the London underground buskers and DJs of tomorrow. 

After hours upon hours of brainstorming and fine-tuning concepts our group has an idea. I think that if it works on demo day, this has great potential.

I am working on programming the music output and hardware work to get the gyro/accelerometer sensor changing the sound output. In fact, I came across a blog that mentioned this GY-521 chip and convinced my team for us to get it. It came a day after I ordered it online, here is to hoping it works!

All photos by me.

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